WildGlow’s proper steps of summer skincare routine

WildGlow’s proper steps of summer skincare routine

The winters are over and the summer season is on its way! Daily travel, workload, pollution, etc makes your skin dull and snatches away your natural glow. And, your skin suffers from the harshness of the summer season, as the skin's natural protective oils are stripped away by the intense heat. So, taking care of your skin in summer is very important to get it ready for the day and to get rid of the puffiness that comes with waking up in the morning. 

However, many of you complain that it takes too much time to care for the skin, especially in the morning. If you fall into this category, read on to learn why you need a morning skincare regimen and how WildGlow can help you get your skin ready for the summer.

Here are the reasons why you should have the WildGlow skincare routine and they are as follows:

Face wash/Cleansers: WildGlow face wash and cleansers such as Mulberry face wash, Watermelon cleanser, Anti-acne cleanser, Pre-sunscreen face wash, and, Hyaluronic acid face wash are a savior to your skin. These products are made with supernatural ingredients that have their perks to make your skin glow and give a boost to your healthy skin. In the morning, rinse your face with lukewarm water after applying WildGlow face washes and they work with all types of skin. Clean your face twice a day with a face wash.

Face scrub: Scrubbing your face thrice a week is an important part of your skincare routine. Scrubbing the face improves the appearance of the skin's texture, brightness, clarity, and radiance in the short and long term. Having WildGlow’s face scrub on hand is a good way to make sure your skin looks and feels clean. These face scrubs include What a melon: Watermelon scrub which has real watermelon extracts loaded with the nutrients of sloe vera leaf extracts that helps the skin get rid of dirt, grime, and impurities from deep within the pores. 

Toner: WildGlow face toners help your skin get rid of toxins, tighten open pores, and bring out your natural glow. It even fixes the skin's texture and pH level and smooths out rough spots. WildGlow toners like Jelly toner and Exfoliating water are some that keep your skin hydrated and will definitely remove away the dirt, grime, and stubborn pollutants. Talking the newest one in India, C+H+R Toner which is made from coconut water, hibiscus flower, and rosehip oil. These three ingredients are great for filling the skin with a richness of vitamins and nutrients. Red wine toner is another one that is introduced for the first time in India that has real red wine extracts which prevent skin from aging.

Serum: Now the next step is to apply the serum on your skin once you are done with the above three steps. WildGlow serum is a powerful tool in your skincare routine. They help revive your dull skin, fade away pigmentation, fight free radicals, and brighten your skin. Anti-acne serum has the ability to fight stubborn acne and help in deep cleansing. Pore minimising serum is another gift for your skin that helps to tighten pores and remove dead skin cells.

Moisturiser: WildGlow has a variety of moisturizers according to skin type. Taking care of one's face is crucial in the modern world, where pollution, worry, and unhealthy lifestyle choices are the standard. The WildGlow line of moisturizers is designed to hydrate and nurture the skin, leaving it appearing young and radiant. The Vit C glow booster moisturiser is one that gives an instant glow in just 5 minutes while protecting your skin against early signs of aging. The 24K gold pure moisturiser with real 24k gold extracts is another savior to the skin when it comes to giving radiant look. This moisturiser protects the skin against the detrimental effects of UV rays.  

Face masks: WildGlow face masks revitalize your skin against fine lines and wrinkles. The Instant face-lifting mask made with Kaolin and snow-white clay gives wrinkle-free skin in just 15 minutes. While the Red wine gel mask with real wine extracts has the power to remove dirt and impurities from the skin giving a radiant look. Regular use of the red wine gel mask can help to improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

So, this summer take care of your skincare routine with WildGlow skincare products that help you to regain your natural skin tone and protect from any damage. 

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