5 Best Face Toners To Shop Now For Glowing Skin

5 Best Face Toners To Shop Now For Glowing Skin

In my opinion, face toners are the most underappreciated products in the skincare world. To be sincere, when I hadn't deep-dived into the skincare industry, I used to believe that they were the simplest optional add-ons for your skincare routine. However, once I got to know about the different benefits of face toners, I realized that they add so much value to skincare. Were you aware of the fact that toners are a vital component of any Korean skincare routine? This is because they serve to balance the pH levels of your skin after cleansing, get your face ready for improved product absorption, and support long-lasting hydration.

Face toner products have traveled far beyond their ancestral alcohol-based astringent solutions, which were initially used to eliminate any excess oil and minimize pores. It appears that those regular face toners were pretty effective in removing the oil residues and temporarily helped to diminish the size of the enlarged pores; however, they often resulted in a feeling of drying, tightness, and irritation or inflammation of the skin. 

Then came in - Alcohol-free face toners that were much more skin-friendly. Alcohol and other strong astringents are not used in the formulation of alcohol-free toners. Alcohol-free face toners for the face frequently contain hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and green tea extract, among other calming and moisturizing components. These face toners usually leave skin feeling balanced, hydrated, and rejuvenated. Mostly, people with any skin type - dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, combination skin type, can use them.

So, What Exactly Does a Face Toner Do?

A toner tones your skin. Quite literally. Meaning, it prepares your skin for a greater step. What’s the greater step? Well, the part where you give your skin some well-targeted nourishment through face serums and moisturizers. Toners tone up your skin for superior absorption, enhanced effectiveness, and sprinkles of soothing refreshment.

Modern-day toners do much more than balance your skin’s pH levels. They contain useful ingredients that, when infused into your skin, deeply nurture it and add up to the benefits given by other products in your routine. At WildGlow, we have formulated different toner formulations to cater to different benefits to your skin. In this blog, we will talk about the top 4 toners for your face, along with home-made toners that you can use for prepping your skin up for increased product absorption!


Best Face Toners In India

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C+H+R Toner - 100 ML



Red Wine Toner - 100 ML



Exfoliating Water Toner - 100 ML



Jelly Toner with Niacinamide - 100 ML



Home-made Face Toners

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#1: CHR Toner (Coconut - Hibiscus - Rosehip )

chr toner


Discover the goodness of the C+H+R Toner made of pure Coconut, Hibiscus, and Rosehip extracts. A daily spray of the toner infuses your skin with hydration and a smooth texture; it also minimizes large skin pores and fine lines while combating blemishes and reducing the appearance of dark spots with daily use. This alcohol free formula is designed to gently nourish your skin. This 3-in-1 toner is nourishing to your skin, helps in shrinking stubborn enlarged pores, as well as diminishing zits and fine lines. It also assists in transforming your skin into its smoother-looking version. This CHR face toner does the job of maintaining pH balance, and hydrating your skin, thereby promoting well-hydrated and glowing skin. By the way, it has a sweet, delightful tropical scent that gives you a refreshing sensory experience.

#2: Red Wine Toner-

red wine toner

You can unlock the secret to timeless beauty with our alcohol-free Red Wine Toner. It is an anti-aging facial toner that contains a blend of extracts from Real wines and Niacinamide, along with Parisian ingredients that work together to give your skin a youthful look. Our glow-getters describe this toner as ‘youth water’, which recharges your skin with improved elasticity and helps you achieve younger-looking skin. If you use this face toner after using our bestseller anti-aging gel mask, you get all the more anti-aging benefits! The rejuvenating blend of Real Wine extracts and Paris-based ingredients helps your skin fight visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful duo restores your skin’s natural radiance. The Red Wine Face toner suits all types of skin - dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, and normal skin type It merges natural ingredients together with science-backed products to reveal smooth and luminous skin. Feel the lavishness soaked in each drop of Red Wine Toner, a beautiful and rich blend of science and nature that has the sole purpose of nourishing your skin. Improved skin elasticity, skin tightening, and reduced inflammation are some of the benefits of this anti-aging toner. Say hello to glowing youthfulness within our Red Wine formula. 

#3: Exfoliating Water Toner-

exfoliating toner

Yes, we have a toner that doesn’t just tone your skin but also exfoliates it! Our Cucumber enriched refreshing formula is a 2-in-1 Exfoliator AND a Toner! This multipurpose smart toner can help you eliminate dead skin cells while shielding your skin from contaminants and environmental pollution. Real Orange Peel extracts, and Cucumber extracts have been added in this formulation so that you can experience a mild yet effective skin exfoliation that minimizes acne breakouts and reduces inflammation. This formulation protects your skin from dust particles by acting as a barrier against pollution damage.  This 2-in-1 Exfoliating Toner contains Aloe vera and Citric acid, which reduce the appearance of bothersome pimples; and cucumber, which functions as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is also enriched with Orange peel, which cleanses while enhancing the natural radiance of your skin.

#4: Jelly Toner:

jelly toner

Behold the Jelly Toner, an innovative serum-toner hybrid that hydrates like a toner but finishes off like a serum. This breakthrough product instantly moisturizes and retexturize your skin to reveal supple, radiant skin with a smooth-looking texture. Created for people of all types of skin, the Jelly Toner has Niacinamide, Papaya, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and Cucumber in its formulation. These active ingredients combine to form a unique skincare experience formulated to refine pores, provide antioxidants, and feed your skin deep within. Prepared with a revolutionary gel-based formula, the Jelly Toner is a perfect base before starting your skincare routine because it creates an ideal base for applying serums and best moisturizers thereafter. See how the toner magically disappears under makeup, leaving behind silky smoothness and a healthy glowing complexion! Say hello to the game-changing Jelly Toner and see your skin beaming with glow and youthfulness.

#5: Home-made Face Toners:

Home made toner

You can also make a face toner at home! Check out these recipes for face toners at home that you can try out. Home-made face toners can be sort of complicated to prepare. That’s why we’d recommend going for face toners that have the right blend of natural ingredients and actives to give you glowing skin.

Home-made Face Toners:

  1. Rose Water Toner:
    This toner recipe is quite popular. Rose water is healthy for your skin, it also has naturally hydrating properties. Roses have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that support skin renewal. Rose water also helps calm down skin inflammation and refresh your skin. It is so much fun making rose water toner though! I made it about a year back, using the roses from my home balcony. It lasted for a couple of weeks. You can use 4-5 dried rose petals, put them into the boiler, and add 1 cup of water. Proceed to heat this mix for about 8-10 minutes and there you have it - a rose water toner. Make sure the cover is shut. Once the water has cooled, transfer the rose water into a spray bottle, keep it refrigerated, and apply it to your beauty regimen.

  1. Papaya Face Toner:
    One of the most beneficial enzymes inside the skincare world, that is frequently used by lots of brands of their skincare products - is ‘Papain’. This enzyme boosts collagen supply that further supports the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Papaya also improves the texture and brightness of your skin. Papaya also aids in removing dark circles from your face and exposing skin with a more even tone. One cup of raw papaya and some cold water can be ground into a paste in a grinder to make a papaya toner. Add rose water and 1-2 tbsp of camphor powder to it, and refrigerate this essence. Dab a cotton ball on the toner and apply it across your face.

  2. Aloe Vera Toner:
    The term ‘Aloe Vera’ brings in so much comfort with it, no? The existence of Aloe Vera is a testament to the fact that not everything that looks scary is scary! Sure, it does have a bitter taste but it carries so many benefits for your health! Besides, when it spreads over your skin, it leaves such a calming sensation. Aloe Vera is also known for its hydrating benefits. Using an Aloe Vera face toner can help prevent dry, rough, and flaky areas by improving your skin's capacity to retain moisture. Because aloe vera toner reduces acne and has moisturizing qualities, it's a fantastic option for dry skin. Mix aloe vera gel with rose water. There - you have it! A soothing and hydrating face toner :D

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I use a face toner if I very recently started my skincare journey?

Ans. Yes, most definitely! In fact, utilizing a toner might help your skin get ready for the active elements in other skincare products if you're new to the realm of skincare. So, for sure include face toners in your regime.

Q: Can I use a face toner if I have acne-inclined pores and skin?

Ans. Yes, you can! If you use an anti-acne serum, for instance, the usage of a face toner, will assist your skin absorb the blessings of anti-acne serum in a higher way. Also, certain toners have pore-tightening and anti-inflammatory houses, consisting as the Red Wine Toner. These toners can soothe your zits-inclined pores and skin and make it less liable to zits.

Q:Who needs to comprise facial toners into their skincare routine?

Ans. The solution is straightforward: everyone and just anybody can use face toners! Facial toners are multi-taskers, versatile and address a multitude of skin-related issues consisting of dryness, dullness, extra oil, and skin irritation. If you face any of those concerns or want to get closer to your skincare goals, you can include face toners in your skincare regime.

Q: What are a number of the benefits of using face toners?

Ans. Using a face toner has several benefits, which include moisturizing, exfoliation, pore reduction, and pH balancing. Additionally, face toners beautify the efficacy of moisturizers and serums for the face.

Q: Are WildGlow face toners appropriate for dry skin? 

Ans. WildGlow face toners are suitable for all skin sorts - dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, normal skin, and sensitive skin types.

Q: Which is the first-class toner for the face in India? 

Ans. It can be hard to choose the best face toner in India, but WildGlow has made it less complicated for you with more than its range of face toners that address concerns like dryness, aging, dryness, and rough texture.

Q: Are WildGlow facial toners suitable for sensitive skin? 

Ans. Indeed! All skin types, including combination, oily, and dry skin, can benefit from using WildGlow face toners.

Q: Can my husband also use WildGlow face toners? 

Ans. Yes, without a doubt! People of both genders can use our face toners.

Q: Is it okay to use face toners every day?

Ans. Yes! Toners for facial care are safe to use every day. You can add to your morning and evening routines. Every morning, carry out this routine: Put on a face cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer in this order. This is the same process you might perform at night before bed.

Q: Are WildGlow face toners toxin-free?

Ans. Yes! Every product made by using WildGlow, which includes its gel mask, facial serums, face toners, and face moisturizers, is free of parabens, sulfates, and toxic materials. WildGlow’s products are Cruelty-free, Vegan-friendly, and PETA-approved.

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