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The Secret of Urvashi Rautela

The secret of my beauty, 'WildGlow'. The reason behind my healthy & glowing skin and the most beautiful thing I own. All their products are Dermat-tested, Natural, & Organic, PETA has certified WildGlow as vegan & cruelty-free.

I am obsessed with the WildGlow routine. I start my day with a Watermelon cleanser. It keeps my skin fresh and hydrated. Then I use C-H-R Toner, made with coconut, hibiscus, & rosehip combined in one bottle of spray. For my delicate skin, I use VIT C Glow Booster Moisturiser which gives a luxurious feel to my skin, & absorbs quickly leaving my skin soft & glowing. Before going to bed, I make sure to use the Exfoliating Night Serum with 10% AHA. I love how gentle & nourishing it feels on my skin.

With a busy schedule & shoots, I really get tired and for that, I never forget to follow WildGlow’s range in my skincare routine. And finally, I revealed my secret of glowing and healthy skin, WildGlow, A glow like never before.