The Science of Crystals & Face Tools & Why You Need Them

The Science of Crystals & Face Tools & Why You Need Them

When I joined WildGlow, one of the many interesting products I was intrigued with was the Face Roller. Sure, I had come across face tools such as face Gua Sha and face rollers before and used them but there was something quite different about WildGlow’s face tools. By the end of this article, you will realize what’s so special about them, but for now, let me walk you through why you need face tools in your life. 

What Are Face Tools Anyway?

Ever visited your salon didi to get your eyebrows shaped? Yes, I’m talking about those times when you’re just engineering your hands on your face in a way that supports minimally painful eyebrow shaping. Then comes the part where you ask your salon didi to apply an astringent on your eyebrows. She goes on to get it and then gives you a massage. Oh to get a relaxing face massage after getting your eyebrows done🤌It feels like the skin is rejuvenated again. Eyebrow shaping is all that bad after all. 

You must be wondering why I suddenly digressed into eyebrow shaping, I mean how relevant is that with this article. Well, let me tell you something. Face tools are like massagers for your face that don’t just aim to soothe tension on your face and give you a dreamy, relaxing feeling, but also promote long-term benefits.

Imagine having a bad day at work, and giving yourself a relaxing massage. How soothing is that! That’s the power of face tools such as Gua Sha stone and face roller - they promote stress relief while blessing your skin with anti-ageing benefits.

Types Of Face Tools

face roller

Face Roller:

A tool that rolls on your face, quite literally😛This is what it looks like: 

You saw that beautiful pretty pink thing up there? That's one of your skin's best friends. If you have used this thing before, I'm sure you're simping over it till date. But if you have not, then you are about to roll into a dream of radiance. Face rollers could be made of crystals like Green Jade or Rose Quartz. It comprises 2 sides as you can clearly see; the bigger side is for your cheeks, forehead, and jawline. While the small side of the face roller is for your under-eye area, nose, and temples. The best way to use it is to apply a gentle pressure and roll it in an upward and outward motion while using the larger side. You can begin with a light pressure and then increase it eventually. Remember, these are crystals, do not use them harshly. This hand held tool aims to give a mini-spa like treat to your skin. It’s also quite easy to glide it over the curves on your face. 

The Many Benefits Of Face Rollers:

1- Better Circulation:

The face roller literally rolls on your face and by this action of rolling it is able to massage your face and stimulate blood flow to your skin. When you have a better blood circulation, your skin cells’ nutrient uptake also improves. A better nutrient uptake corresponds to better delivery of oxygen and essential vitamins, which support your skin’s health. Better nutrient uptake helps in boosting collagen production thereby promoting a radiant and youthful skin. Oxygen maintains cellular metabolism, which further helps in cell repair. Face rolling also aids in toxin removal; you get rid of toxins and waste products present in your skin cells. Remember, toxins have the potential to cause breakouts!

2- Reduced Puffiness: 

You ought to give a face roller a try if you awaken swollen or puffy eyes. Using face rollers to apply cooling stones like rose quartz or green jade will help reduce puffiness and inflammation. Rollers constrict blood vessels which reduces swelling, puffiness, and dark circles. Face rolling can give you a refreshed under-eye region.

3- Enhanced Product Absorption:

So when you use a face tool after applying a topical skincare product on your face, you increase its effectiveness. The roller’s rolling action helps absorb these active ingredients in the serum well by enhancing their penetration. 

4- Relaxation and Stress Reduction: 

You can just come home, have your dinner, do your night skincare routine, and roll into relaxation with face rollers. Their rolling action massages your face and promotes stress-relief! The cool surface of these face tools also serves to make you feel calm and relaxed. The cooling effect it gives can soothe irritation and inflammation.

5- Promotion of Facial Contouring: 

You can contour your face with the help of face rollers! These tools sculpt your face and give you a naturally lifted appearance.

Gua Sha Stone:

gua sha

Gua Sha stones are designed to glide smoothly on your face. Their scraping action releases toxins, and improves blood circulation. It is a smooth-edged instrument that stimulates soft tissue microcirculation which enhances blood flow. Gua Sha stone massages away tension and toxin build-up beneath your skin’s surface. Gua Sha stones are made of crystals such as Rose Quartz and Jade Green; we will discuss the benefits of these stones below.

1- Improved Circulation:

Gua sha presents numerous benefits, among which lies the enhancement of blood circulation. The scraping movement of Gua Sha assists in stimulating the blood circulation to your skin. Improved circulation facilitates the effortless progression of nutrient uptake, enabling cellular assimilation of vital nourishment and oxygen, while also eliminating metabolic debris.

2- Reduced muscle tension and pain: 

Gua sha is frequently used to relieve pain and stress in the muscles. It lessens stiffness and discomfort by releasing tense muscles and fascia through skin scraping. 

3- Detoxification: 

Through its stimulating scraping motion, Gua Sha promotes the expulsion of accumulated fluids and unnecessary substances via lymphatic drainage. This purging process may imbue individuals with a sensation of rejuvenation and revitalization.

Regular participation in Gua Sha treatments increases skin elasticity, reduces dullness and enhances the brightness of a vibrant, youthful face.

4- Stress relief and relaxation:

This self-pampering practice serves as a relaxing retreat for your skin! Just like face roller, Gua Sha’s scraping movement helps in alleviating stress and helps you relax. Gua Sha stone is a relaxing symbol of self care that helps you unwind after a tiring day!

5- Facial rejuvenation: 

Gua sha, a popular facial therapy, is often employed as a means to enrich facial contours and promote youthful skin. This technique, known for its ability to invigorate blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, possesses the power to illuminate one's complexion, refine the jawline, and diminish swelling. With regular application, Gua sha can even impart a firmness to sagging skin, alleviate the appearance of under-eye circles, and bestow upon the individual a resplendent and robust countenance.

6- Enhanced immune function: 

Advocates of Gua sha assert that by facilitating the innate healing mechanisms of the body, their product possesses the capacity to fortify immunity. By virtue of its ability to augment circulation and lymphatic drainage, Gua sha potentially reinforces the body's resilience against infections and ailments.

Face Roller & Gua Sha Stone Types:

Green Jade:

Green Jade is known for its properties for promoting harmony and relaxation. Green Jade stone is popular in Chinese culture for its purifying properties. It has a green surface that’s cool, smooth and soothing. WildGlow's face rollers and Gua Sha stone are made of 100% Brazilian Green Jade that has spiritual and emotional healing properties. Green Jade gives inner peace and harmony. Green Jade is also said to promote longevity, and a healthier immune system. It aims to create a protective shield around you and attract positivity. 

Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz is known as the "stone of unconditional love," and this essence is present in the Rose Quartz Face Roller and Rose Quartz Gua Sha, also known as the rose-tinted, pink roller and the charming pink face roller. Rose Quartz releases pessimistic emotions, and reduces anxiety. Rose Quartz Crystals also improves romantic relationships and enhances sleep patterns. Rose Quartz also helps promote a restful sleep. Imagine the goodness of this pink crystal collated into a face tool! Our Brazilian pink face tool and pink Gua Sha stone are made of 100% Pure Brazilian Rose Quartz! Rose Quartz Crystals also improves romantic relationships and enhances sleep patterns.

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Best Way To Use Gua Sha & Face Roller in 2024

These are some topical products that you can use with face rollers and Gua Sha stone:

face serum

24K Gold Luxury Serum:

A meticulously crafted fusion of opulent oils and the rejuvenating potency of real Gold—a serum that takes inspiration from a clandestine, time-honored Egyptian Formula. This ancient elixir, possessing the ability to turn back the hands of time, replenishes moisture and bestows an enduring luminosity. Infused with genuine 24K Gold Extracts and nourishing facial oils like Rosehip, Jojoba, Argan, and Virgin Olive Oil, this face serum seamlessly blesses your complexion with a golden hue and enhances the natural radiance of your skin.

Embrace this serum as a luxurious addition to your skincare arsenal, and say hello to luminous, replenished skin. The presence of genuine 24k gold particles within the serum elevates the skin's luster, endowing it with a youthful and effulgent gleam, it forms a protective barrier that seals in optimal moisture, safeguarding the skin against the elements. It helps reverse the signs of ageing, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 24K Gold Luxury Serum creates a shield against impurities and external pollutants that can mar the complexion. It also diminishes the visibility of dark spots and imperfections. Using a face tool after applying this serum can help you attain benefits of 24K Gold skincare in a better way.

20% Vitamin C Serum:

The Vitamin C serum stands as a paramount active ingredient in the realm of skincare, revered by the elite. Our formulation harmoniously combines Vitamin C with the enchanting trio of Glutathione, Niacinamide, and Lactic Acid within a serum. This formidable blend performs an array of transformative tasks to address diverse skin concerns. Serving as both a luminosity-enhancing serum and a lightening agent, it combats pigmentation, stimulates collagen synthesis, refines skin texture, and imparts the coveted radiance we all yearn for. Instantaneously, this facial serum bestows a brilliant luminosity, aids in the reduction of dark spots, acne marks, and tanning. 

Advanced Night Repair Serum:

Unleash the might of an extraordinary anti-ageing skin serum that orchestrates a multitude of reparative actions, giving a transformative effect on your skin as you sleep. The exceptional amalgamation of Retinol, authentic Honey, Turmeric, and Saffron imbues this serum with the prowess of dual serums - one that resurfaces and hydrates simultaneously. Retinol, a commanding presence within this serum, boasts clinical validation for its ability to diminish uneven skin texture, fine lines, and even the most entrenched wrinkles.

This resplendent retinol serum serves as an overnight restorative treatment, catering to those who aspire to a complexion unburdened by lines, suffused with youthfulness, and plump with suppleness. Surrender to its embrace as you retire to bed, and awaken to a visage that is nothing short of flawless. A retinol serum that mends, safeguards, and performs while you slumber. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, including those etched more deeply. It revitalizes the skin, bestowing upon it a youthful countenance. This retinol serum hydrates, moisturizes, and fortifies a robust skin barrier. Advanced Night serum facilitates skin renewal and resurfacing, unveiling a complexion that exudes vibrancy. 

Why Choose WildGlow’s Facetools!

Other face tools are made from plastic or inferior gemstones, while WildGlow's face tools are made from superior quality, 100% authentic Brazilian Rose Quartz and Green Jade. Other face tools have a limited lifespan; they rust and wear off quickly while our face tools are a long-term investment in your skincare routine. Inferior quality face tools may have sharp edges that cause irritation on your skin but smooth edges on our face tools ensure that they work gently on your skin. Our face tools are responsibly sourced and complies with safety and quality standards

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